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Our Activities
GLM Games activities deal with facts from the world of sports; a world characterized by a high level of emotion. GLM Games offers data for all types of popular sports and provides a full, fast and reliable service. Thanks to our professional team, Odds and Risk Management specialists, who have extensive experience, based on a broad knowledge of markets and customers in conjunction with innovation expertise. Our activities include the collection, processing and monitoring of sports data.

Games Management & Back Office Management Platform

Games Management & Back Office Management Platform - GLM games

Game management

We are a big supplier of sports betting data services in Central and Eastern Europe and offer a full range of products for cover the entire spectrum of betting business (sports betting, live, retail, virtual sports, casino). GLM Games provide all the necessary services to run a bookmaker operation.
From equipment for the offices and the bookies applications to the online betting and online games. One important part of the offer, that In case  manually managed event, you can prepare a new sport, new markets, new events and new criteria for the settlement into a single administrative tool and also import the odds from external sources (like Betradar, Betgenius, etc.). This offer is described in the following chapters. 47 sports are covered for PRE-game betting (operated manually or imported from external sources). LIVE betting is our separate offer. Currently, we offer 20 sports (manually operated or imported from external sources), some of them are unique (as billiards, ski jumping and other winter sports). This allows us to do very exclusive and competitive offer. Internet betting suite comprise fully functional web applications (online sports books) for searching opportunities, creating e-bet slips, creating and managing accounts, placing and managing bets, settling and crediting/debiting accounts, etc. The websites are developed mobilizing the latest technologies and the most powerful development platforms for creating engaging, interactive web accessible and secure online applications. The products offered ensure secure transaction processing, accounts management and high performance betting services. Designed to cater the specific needs and functionalities required by any bookmaking organization, internet betting may be customized and scaled to include particular services for betting shops, mobile and teletext betting, such as central accounting and user account systems, report creation services.

Basic features:

  • Fully customizable functionality
  • High quality web design
  • Secure and transparent processes
  • Efficient and reliable betting platform
  • Profitable and cost-effective
  • Fully scalable and maintainable architecture
  • Multi-language support
  • Secure payment transaction processing
  • Multiple payment methods, such as as debit or credit cards, paysafe, money bookmakers, etc.
  • Use of future-proof technologies
  • Multi-browser support


Back Office Management Platform

The back office system is the ideal tool of operators as it automates the management, control and monitoring of the core aspects of the betting business. The innovative platform supports management and administration over a selection of specialized services, and supports any-size betting organization;, a unified control center for betting shops, betting terminals, website(s), mobiles, call centre(s) and many other custom-build modules specified by the organization. The suite ensures provision and customization of live scores of sports and matches, and has integrated fully-featured functions to carry out efficiently and consistently the whole betting process. It guarantees high level of security, performance, in-depth business risk analysis, real-time reporting and fraud control. Dynamic configurations allow detailed user, betting shop activity analysis, real-time alerts and notifications, efficient and extensive management tools for intelligent decision support and statistics with pin-point accounts accuracy for payments, losses and margins.

Basic features:

  • Security and fraud detection
  • Real-time risk management
  • Automatic P&L calculations
  • Intelligent decision support
  • Multi-level automatic and custom market and odds management
  • Instantaneous statistics
  • Continuous reporting
  • Centralized control


Odds & Risk Management

Odds & Risk Management - GLM games

Odds Management
Fully automated and managed workflow process for creating of the sports, regions, leagues and teams from external.

Risk Management
Risk management is not only an instrument or one module, is a perfect combination of the rules, functions and settings, focused to avoid risky behavior of the customers and to discover the benefits of the not allowed customers.

The principle of risk management work is to control every ticket for the threshold risk and modify all kind of dimensions, create new risk limits or adjust the limit value.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management - GLM games

The ability to attract and retain the players is critical for the success of the sales. A strong marketing campaigns tested in the environments of the internet game and personalized to the customer will attract the players, while the exciting games launched by a scalable gaming system and easily available through the online channels that are accessible for the players by the devices that we currently use, will keep them engaged. Closing the loop on retention player (loyalty), the customer and partners will implement strategies for their participation and make them feel valued as they engage in the offerings of the bets in sports.

CRM & Payment Management

CRM & Payment Management - GLM games

CRM Management
The CRM module of GLM Games allows the inspection, evaluation and reporting of customer behavior and also permit to control all kind of communications with the customers, generate messages or other communication channels. The module works with a wide and detailed customers database, updated regularly. Client Categories can be used by the system (according to the distributed function) for a loyalty program, risk management, management of specific content, etc.


 Payment Management
GLM Games will provide necessary software and services to allow all players to transfer funds to and from e-wallets (Moneybookers etc ...) and for each available payment mechanism, including but not limited to POS, online deposit, credit card and Bank transfer. The GLM Games system works with more than 15 different payment methods, including mobile payment and others.